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As Revisalut's marketing agency, HIVER was tasked with creating online lead generation using Google Ads. Our careful and thoughtful strategies created a scalable and automated new customer acquisition.



Revisalut, as a new health center in Vienna, lacked patients. Since the principle of Functional Medicine differs from classical orthodox medicine, the therapy options are also foreign to most Viennese, which is why there was hardly any demand.


The campaign is divided into two strategies. The first one is a Google Ads Search Campaign that siphoned off users searching directly for the services offered, such as "Infusion Therapy Vienna". In addition to achieving excellent ad strength, a top impression rate of around 86% was also achieved, as well as an extremely low CPC of EUR 1.10.


The second strategy is a display campaign that is shown to users when they have googled one of the keywords and belong to an affluent group through demographic targeting. This way, potential leads could be generated who did not even know that there is certain help for their diseases. The ad was displayed across the web, exactly where users spend time on the web. With an extremely low CPC of EUR 0.07 and an average of 60k impressions, not only were additional leads generated, but the brand awareness of Revisalut was also greatly increased.

You're in best hands

HIVER is now one of the top 100 Google Ads agencies in Switzerland. We have mastered all certifications from Search to Shopping, achieved a super high customer performance, and reached the required ad spend.

What can our clients expect from us as a Google Parnter?
-> Exclusive Google solutions for even better performance;
-> Direct support from Google;
-> Access to better analysis tools.

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